Using Jobs Board To Find Local Truck Drivers

October 23, 2020

As a recruiter, you may be overwhelmed by the options available to help you find top driver talent within your local area of business. However, you quickly learn that not all the options available offer quality results in terms of reaching a pool of qualified drivers for you to hire.

So, the challenge is not being able to tell, which approach or jobs board is useful. Therefore, you can apply one or two strategies-

  1. Figure the process through which drivers seek out employment opportunities in your area and position yourself in those strategic points.
  2. Use multiple strategies/platforms to increase the visibility of your vacancy opportunity and consequently the chances of having drivers stumble it.

Explore some of the strategies you may apply to find truck drivers and find a brief on how to use a jobs board to find the talent you need.

How Do I Find Truck Drivers for My Trucking Company?

To find truck drivers for your company, you should know the places and platforms where truck drivers look for jobs. Among them are -

  • Search Engine – The number one action that drivers take when looking for employment is to go the internet and search for jobs using keywords such as “Drivers jobs near me” or “Drivers jobs *insert your location*.” Ensure that you post vacancies in your own website, and social media pages using relevant keywords. Depending on the quality of your website and Google ranking factors, your job opportunity might show up in the results page when a driver is looking for work.
  • Online Jobs Board such as Indeed and Glassdoor list local and interstate jobs opportunities. Drivers visit as many jobs board as possible, set up their profiles and regularly check to see if there is a job that meets their interests and qualifications. You should also do the same.
  • Truck Drivers Jobs Board – There are other job boards dedicated to the trucking industry. Drivers also visit such boards and ensure that they create a profile and seek out opportunities listed on the boards. Such boards include Jobs in Trucks, Layover, Class A Drivers. All these sites allow you as a trucking company to create a profile and list the jobs you have available.
  • Drivers Forums – Find out local and national online forums for drivers, gain access and post your opportunity on these platforms.

Recruiters Tip: During interviews, always ask the truck drivers you’re interviewing, how they came across your job description and opportunity. Their answers will help you identify strategic and effective places to post your jobs. To refine your process, ask the drivers to give suggestions on how best to improve your recruitment process and best places to put up a driver’s job opportunity.  

Why Do You May Need A Mobile Friendly Application To Source for New Driver Talent?

As a recruiter, you need effective strategies that put your open driver positions in front of the right talent. In light of the reducing number of available people willing to join the driver labour market, it is important to make it easy for prospects to apply for your oppositions. And the number one way to improve your recruitment process is to ensure it is mobile friendly in every possible way.

In 2018, Glassdoor undertook a study to understand emerging trends and patterns from a population of 12 million job seekers. The study found that –

  • Mobile-friendly application processes attract more applicants as compared to approaches that are not mobile friendly. Making your process driver friendly enables you to outshine your competitors and to attract the few drivers available in the labour market.
  • The number of people willing to apply for positions in your company reduces with the level of difficulty it takes to apply. The Glassdoor study showed only 53% of mobile job seekers take the time to complete a mobile-based application. And on average it takes 80% longer to fill out a mobile application.

What does this mean? Take every effort to ensure that your application is easy and straightforward. You want people signing up, requiring them to provide as little information as possible, then seek out additional relevant information during an interview process or through follow – up approaches.

DriveMatch is designed to deliver the best experience for both job seekers and carrier companies. The process is simple and straightforward. For carrier companies, create a free profile within minutes, search for drivers who match your qualifications and contact them directly with the email and phone number provided.

Tips on How To Use a Jobs Board Effectively

Drivers and recruiters both agree on the importance of finding the right job and being found by the right driver. There are numerous jobs boards that give you an assortment of features curated to help you find the right drivers for your carrier.

However, not all boards will deliver quality leads, and you end up getting hundreds of applications from people who do not qualify for your position. For this reason, read to discover approaches you should consider when selecting a jobs board.

  • Research, Assess and Compare!

The options are many, but again, very few have what you need! If available look at the list of carriers that also use the board and figure out if you’re on the same level. Further, read their reviews, on their social pages and Google and see what drivers and carriers are saying about them. Determine if they offer access to only local drivers, or they have a national pool of drivers according to your needs. Assess to see if you will be able to draw diversified leads from each of the options available to you.

Consider the efficacy of the board from the driver’s perspective, keeping in mind that drivers value processes that are quick and simple. If the process of signing up on their platform is cumbersome for you, rest assured it will also be difficult for the drivers. Make sure there is a free trial period that allows you to test their services before making a financial commitment.

  • Build Your Profile and Describe the Job Opportunity

Once you make a selection, build your profile the relevant information about your company and the job opportunity. Outline the benefits of working with your company, including bonuses, and other incentives. Be honest; keep your promises. Ensure you’re very specific, with information on the number of years of experience, salary offer and any other relevant information.

DriveMatch has a special algorithm that analyses the skills you require and suggests the right drivers for you to contact. And for Job Seekers, the process is equally straightforward and takes approximately 10 minutes for job seekers to fill out their information. With a profile, and with the help of the algorithm, job seekers can search and find jobs suitable for their skills and experience.

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