How to Advertise to Truck Drivers – Actionable Truck Driver Recruitment Strategies for Your Carrier

October 23, 2020

There are no words to emphasize the importance of embracing internet media as part of your truck driver recruitment strategy. The industry struggles with a shortage of truck drivers, which now more than ever, means that carriers have to compete for the few drivers that are available. If not done right, recruitment and retention can significantly undermine the profitability of your business.

In this article, you will find simple and actionable tips to incorporate into your recruitment strategy and approach. But before I proceed, I thought I’d first answer some of the driver recruitment questions carrier companies often ask us.

1.   How Do I Find a Good Truck Driver?

One of the recurring questions we get from carriers in the network is “How do we find good truck drivers?” The answer: an effective recruitment and retention strategy. That’s what attracts good drivers to your company. Furthermore, like all industries, job performance in the trucking industry depends on work culture, incentives, and capacity building opportunities provided by the company.

That being said, here are three main ways you can find a good truck driver:

  • Job Board

One of the easiest ways to find drivers in your location is to use a job board like Indeed. Be sure to write an appropriate description and a compelling message that explains why drivers should opt to work with your company.

  • Manage Your Reputation

You know how you make every effort to present yourself as the carrier of choice to your clients? You should consider doing the same for prospective drivers. At every chance you get, present yourself as the best carrier out there to existing and future drivers who are yet to join your company. But, don’t do this in a superficial way. Rather, as part of your company culture, really embrace values of trust and respect between your company and drivers, or other values that represent your team.

  • Offer Competitive Salary and Incentives

Take time to calculate the costs you incur to hire and train new drivers. You could avoid recruitment costs if you streamline your hiring and retention process. And one of the most effective driver retention strategies is offering a competitive salary.

2.   How Do I Run Successful Driver Recruitment Marketing Campaigns?

The second popular question we get from carrier companies is “How do we run successful driver recruitment marketing campaigns?” Whereas many carriers appreciate the value of digital media, most feel as though campaigns are overly complicated and technical. They can, however, be relatively easy. Here’s how:

  • Write Effective Headlines for Your Driver Ads

First, start with writing effective, captivating headlines for your driver job ads. You can find free online tools that measure your headline’s different aspects, including the level of engagement and the extent to which it is impressionable. The headline is your first opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience. Keep in mind that people will spend a little less than three seconds to decide if they’ll click on your driver ad.

  • Make Clear and Desirable Offers in Your Truck Driver Job Description

Why should a truck driver choose to work with your company and not your competitor? You may need to look at the job description from the perspective of truck drivers and put out an ad that makes drivers feel like they want to work with your company.

Let drivers know the commitment you make to your employees, the benefits they’ll get, and other incentives.

  • Integrate Search Engine Optimization Tactics in Your Driver Ads

SEO is what will make your driver job ad discoverable to prospective drivers. Take time to understand the search terms that drivers use when looking for jobs, and use them intelligently in your ad.

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Using Digital Marketing to Advertise to Truck Drivers

Because everyone is on the internet, carrier companies cannot escape using digital platforms as part of their strategies for marketing to truck drivers. So without further ado, here are three different marketing strategies you can leverage:

  • How to Target Truck Drivers on Social Media

These days, many people live a majority of their lives online. So it’s essential to have a holistic social media strategy that speaks about your brand essence. In your social media pages, put up a truck driver job description that clearly outlines your offer and the details of the job. Make sure the description is thoughtful.

You can also consider engaging a recruitment advertising agency to develop the driver ads to post on your social media pages and other platforms. Consider also paid Facebook driver job ads as part of your strategy.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM integrates search engine optimization strategies and presents your truck driver job advertisement in the search engine results pages (SERPs). An effective plan will rank your driver ad on the first page.

You can achieve high rankings by using paid google adverts—which present your website or landing page on the first page—or through unpaid means, creating posts so meaningful that Google places them on the SERP’s first page.

  • Retargeting, Remarketing, and Display Advertising Strategies

Retargeting uses cookies to advertise to people who visited your website and engaged with your content. Your ads are triggered by third parties like Google Display Advertising and Facebook, which enable your ads to appear on other websites or platforms that your audience visits.

Remarketing is when you collect user data such as phone numbers and emails and use these channels to engage people who are interested in your services.

Why DriveMatch Is Your Partner of Choice for Recruitment Advertising for Drivers

When you’re using a job board or designing your recruitment ad, you still have to sift and qualify a long list of applicants, most of whom may be ineligible. Alternatively, you can choose to work with DriveMatch to help you advertise to truck drivers.

DriveMatch is the only CDL driver-carrier matching service with functionality to support the holistic cycle of driver awareness, application, qualification, recruitment, and retention. We don’t just help you attract top-notch drivers: we ensure they’re a fit for the long term. Take the pressure off the race for recruitment by strengthening the quality of your hires.

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